Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Little Details

A cozy scented candle and the addicting Design Sponge coffee table book.

I've been away for a while now, but the past two months have presented a lot of changes and a break from blogging is what I needed to keep my head above water. A four-year chapter of my life came to an end and I moved out completely on my own to my first apartment independent of roommates. I absolutely love everything about the new pad; the neighborhood, the antique cabinets, and the fact that I can decorate it however I want. While it's still a work in progress (when it's done, I promise I'll give you the grand tour), here are a few of my favorite details that have made my little place feel like home and have truly helped me adapt to all of these big life changes.
Mason jar drinking glasses that also serve as fruit cups.

Lenox swans that once belonged to my Nana, now hold my favorite rings.

Fresh cut flowers that accent table and counter tops.

This little bronze piggy bank stores all my quarters for trips to the laundromat.

Girly throw pillows that accent my purple couch perfectly.


  1. Love love that little piggy AND your mason jars :)

  2. These are stunninggg. So glad you are back to blogging beautiful girl :)

  3. Welcome back, you were missed!
    Looking forward to the grand tour!

  4. Yes, you were so missed! Glad to be catching up again.



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