Thursday, October 13, 2011

Polished Up.

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From Left to Right
|Essie: Dive Bar|Butter London: Marrow|Estée Lauder: Shimmering Bronze|Butter London: Fash Pack|Sephora by OPI: Caught With My Khakis Down|China Glaze: Medallion|

The perfect finish to any outfit is a set of polished nails; and while my collection is vast, every season I seem to gravitate towards the same five or six colors. The Estée Lauder varnish is actually a part of the company's Summer 2011 collection, but I'll be wearing it well into winter! I also can't get enough of anything by Butter London. Ever since Ulta started selling the UK brand, a few months back, its hard to walk into the store without picking up a new color (or two..or three), which starts getting very pricey at $14 a bottle!

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