Monday, October 17, 2011

Maple-Oat Cookies.

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My boyfriend, Corey, is a native Vermonter, and when we visited his family last month, I made sure to stop at a local farmer's market and pick up a bottle of fresh maple syrup. Although I didn't have a particular recipe in mind, it seemed fitting, as the comforting taste and scent of maple has always reminded me of autumn.

Fast forward a month later, and in a quest to bake a healthy but tasty dessert for Corey (whose tendency is to eat like a six year old) I whipped out the ever reliable Whole Foods app on my iPhone, and stumbled upon this little gem. These cookies were certainly a departure from your ordinary treat, but their gooey texture, combined with their seasonal relevance, made them a hit -- even for Mr. Picky!

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  1. yuummm those sound so good! perfect lil fall recipe. i've been wanting to make chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes!


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